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The Dementia Alliance for Culture and Ethnicity (DemACE) is an alliance of individuals and organisations
We are committed to disseminating information about the wide range of organisations supporting the alliance and also developing and sharing new resources through the alliance
You can share information, resouces and commentry through this site or through our social media links on Facebook. Twitter and Linked-In
We  will only share resources through this site that are public domain materials available at no-cost. 
Here are some pdf. resources and links to documents developed by the Alliance and other sources









The Dementia Alliance for Culture and Ethnicity - Good practice guidance Toby Williamson and the Dementia Alliance for Culture and Ethnicity (2016)


This document lists activities, actions and examples of good practice for working with Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people, families, communities and organisations affected by dementia. They were compiled at a workshop with a number of BAME organisations represented held in September 2015 as well as information sent by email. They are listed as bullet points under headings describing key areas of dementia policy and practice.








An Electronic Resources Handbook for Central and North West London  Foundation Trust Memory Services Dementia information for Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities  David Truswell, Yolanda Tavera and the Dementia Alliance for Culture and Ethnicity (2016)


This handbook is an information resource to help clinicians and support staff in CNWL Memory Clinics in signposting people from BAME communities who are living with dementia and their families and carers to relevant information about dementia and community group resources in their area. It also contains information on local demographics and working with interpreters in dementia care.

The University of the West of England (UWE) spoke to older people and their families from African-Caribbean, Chinese and South Asian communities in Bristol in order to find out about the experiences of people with dementia. in 2016. This study included running 8 Focus Groups and interviewing over 40 people from these communities. The link takes you to the webpage on the project and you can download the report from there.




“We Can Speak for Ourselves”

A Report on a Survey of the Dementia Information Needs of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities


David Truswell and Dr. Jay Chauhan

April 2018 

A basic premise underpinning health and social care provision in the UK is that services have a responsibility to deliver care equitably. It is important that in the case of dementia, there are robust, targeted efforts made to ensure advice and information on prevention, support and treatment within BAME communities is achieved in an equitable manner, as there is clear evidence of some communities being at higher risk for the development of the condition. David Truswell of DACE and Dr. Chauhan of DDXN ( Dementia Diversity Xchange Network) did a pilot study to explore what people from diverse communities felt they needed to raise awareness about dementia, Their report is here. 


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